Maglificio Felis S.r.l. Underwear with love, since 1961.


Woman - Maglificio Felis S.r.l.

The woman's collection is produced with 100% natural yarns and materials, has a classic and comfortable fit suitable for the whole period of the year.
The ongoing line covers the entire range of underwear with shirts, tops, briefs and t-shirts.
The winter collection is characterized by the use of fabrics and finishes that make the garments warm and comfortable and emphasize their refinement and femininity.

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Man - Maglificio Felis S.r.l.

The collection of continuous items made with natural yarns and careful finishing covers the entire range of underwear with tank tops, t-shirts, briefs and boxers.
These models are flanked by others with a younger taste, produced with stretch materials for the man looking for trendy underwear.
The winter collection introduces refined and pleasant fabrics to wear, with a high thermal capacity for daily, dynamic and sporty use.
All the items of Maglificio Felis are characterized by the quality of the fabrics, the care in the finishing and comfort.

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Quality and Tradition

Quality and Tradition - Maglificio Felis S.r.l.

Founded in 1961 Maglificio Felis operates mainly on the Italian market with
a production of underwear for men and women entirely
made in Italy with top quality yarns.
The line of products, faithful to the tradition and taste of made in Italy, is
composed of basic and continuous items, always available in stock either
for the summer and winter seasons.
The continuous product line is enriched by the offer of garments in large sizes
to satisfy the costumer that requires a wearability
comfortable and suitable sizes.